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Software : Help Desk Tickets
on 2013/9/11 11:14:24 (48 reads)

End User Help Desk Instruction

Log into your computer as you, just like you would normally.
Open your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) and enter http://wasp/portal or click this link.

Enter your information as requested.

Be sure to choose the correct building and category in the drop-down boxes and also enter your room number.

When you have completed filling out all of the information on the form including a detailed description of your problem, click "Submit".

Congratulations, you are finished! You will receive an email stating that your ticket has been opened and the person responsible for your ticket will receive an email so they can promptly attend to your issue.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility to adapt to our new help desk!

The above portal is for technology and maintenance problems only.

Software : WAMP Help
  on 2013/2/20 16:00:00 (18 reads)

Password changes should be requested by completing a help ticket on our Help Desk.

More complicated problems can be sent directly to the Peru Help Desk by clicking on the help icon in WAMP in the upper left hand corner of each page, then clicking on Support on the menu. Or you can click on this link and be taken directly to the support site and click on Support to complete a help ticket:

Click on the paperclip at the top of this article for complete instructions.

Software : CurriculumLoft Quick Help
on 2013/2/20 15:33:48 (9 reads)

This is the place for quick help with Curriculum Loft.

If you are having a problem in Curriculum Loft, please complete a Help Desk Ticket. If you have a general question or comment for the benefit of the many, please post that on this webpage, so that we all can learn from each other. ... culumlofttutorials/?pli=1

Software : SchoolCenter HelpCenter
on 2013/2/20 15:25:44 (42 reads)

SchoolCenter help is just a click away. Just log in to your SchoolCenter account and click on Help at the top of the screen and you will be redirected to HelpCenter. HelpCenter has written documentation and easy to use videos. HelpCenter videos are crafted to resonate with both new and seasoned users. You will not only recognize what is taught, but also how and when to apply it. Our videos deliver “just in time,” 24/7 training free to SchoolCenter users providing learning for everyone in your district. HelpCenter includes over 100 videos featuring step-by-step “how-to” instructions for tasks like: building teacher pages, customizing permissions, embedding code, using shared content, and more. On average, each module takes just a few minutes to complete. And because each lesson is informal in nature and focuses on a single topic, you can learn quickly and move on with your day.

Log in to your SchoolCenter account here:

Software : Survey Monkey
on 2010/2/17 12:30:00 (10 reads)

Faculty and Staff,

I have purchased a Professional Account with Survey Monkey for our school corporation. This gives us a very powerful on-line survey tool to use for our schools. If you are interested in learning more about this tool, got to:

If you would like to try and create a survey of more than 10 items (10 or less is free), use the following login information:

username: wawasee
password: warrior4345

There are extensive instructions and tutorials at this site: